Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gearing up.

This trip seemed so far away for so long, now we are leaving in 25 days.

Shawn's parents left a couple of days ago heading east. We'll meet them in Maryland in August. We put some things on the RV already but we have a gazillion little piles and lists going. We are only traveling for 20 or 21 days total, so it's not as if we are taking on a world tour or anything, but we really will be without our normal structured routines, or safe enclosures, or friendly, known restaurants, our amazing support network of friends, and for most of the trip... no other family. We will have the RV, and a car which we will be towing.

And while we aren't leaving the country, I will be traveling through several states I've never visited. Shawn has been through all of the states in the U.S. except North Dakota, but we'll miss it on this trip as well. We've been on the RV a few times for weekend camping trips, and we have borrowed the car more often than that, but there will be a lot of new, every day.

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