Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Moments I don't want to forget

so I am going to briefly make a note of them them here, where I can be publicly shamed if I don't expound on their goodness although some of them are just little tidbits which need no further explanation.
  • We met a girl named Maddy in Ohio. She was kind to my children and she had never heard about autism.
  • Jack's blankets slipped off, and when I went to tuck him back in I said, "Good night tiny man. I love you." and he *said* "love."
  • Katie taking pictures with her own camera. 
  • Jack came in to our bed this morning, presumably because he was cold. He snuggled between us, something he never does anymore, and fell asleep. 
  • When Jack was sleeping in our bed this morning he laughed in his sleep. A real laugh, twice, with a smile. It must be great to be so happy you laugh in your dreams too.
  • This evening when Jack started to thrash about, inconsolable, yelling and smacking his own head (something he rarely does), his little sister had the brilliant idea that maybe Jack's head hurt. "Momma, if you put out your hand and ask him, he can just touch your hand if his head hurts. See, watch Momma." and she did, and then there was Maxalt, and then he went to bed.
  • Katie danced on stage at the Mt. Rushmore amphitheater stage.
  • We were surrounded by a herd of American bison in Custer State Park.
  • Explaining to Katie that we follow our family rules, even if we see other people breaking the rules (like maybe sitting on a wall that is 2 stories off the ground), and having her actually understand.

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