Monday, August 23, 2010

Looks like we made it...

Landed yesterday, back home after a nice drive from South Lake Tahoe after a visit with Jen's sister and brother in law and their two kids. Katie and Jack got to start their trip with a visit with their cousins and end with a visit with cousins (2 sets in fact). My sister and brother-in-law were in town (the same ones we started our trip with in MD) and we got to see them and their two daughters after we got back and dropped off the RV as well as see my parents - all a great way to end our journey.

So, how was it now that it's over? In short, fantastic. Folks at work asked me about it today and my summary version was I would turn around and do it all over again. I do love a good road trip and we are lucky that as of now, the kids appear to share our love for the road (with minor modifications for daily pool time and playing in the dirt). My guess was this would be the case as Jack has always liked being in the car. I recall during some of the darkest days when he was younger, upset and not sleeping, I would take him on mini road trips through the Santa Cruz mountains above our house. We'd drive much of the night, sometimes from Los Altos all the way up to Daly City and back. It's a good thing our family is well matched with our love for fossil fuel motivated travel as a means of relaxation.

Is it an end or a beginning? The end of 3800 plus miles of seeing much of our country but the beginning of both more blogging (now that I am not driving all day I potentially have more time to write) and the beginning of planning the next trip. Yes indeed more to come...we've already started talking about where to go next year.

For anyone thinking of taking on a road trip of this magnitude, my advice - go for it. This was one of my least planned trips and I knew going in that we'd be figuring out a lot from the road. That was part of the journey and part of what made this not just a trip, but an adventure. I guess I prefer life to have a certain level of adventure in it. Raising kids in general and certainly raising a kid with special needs is always a good source of adventure. It may not always be easy and at some times not even fun, but it's usually guaranteed to not be boring. When I go out I can assure you it will not be death by boredom.


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