Sunday, August 15, 2010

RV Park Etiquette or, What I like to call, Common Sense.

Most of the time we run into really nice people in campgrounds and RV parks, and this trip has been no exception. There is something about camping, or perhaps it's just the nature of people who camp/RV but folks are friendly, helpful and considerate. However, as in any box of apples, we've come across a few who may need to be gently reminded of a few things:
  •  do not wash your dishes in the bathroom sink of the campground. If this is allowed, there will be a separate sink for it. Icky. Icky. Icky.
  • pick up your trash.
  • if you use the laundry facilities, do not let your clothing linger in the machines (like I do at home). Set a timer. If I can do it, so can you. Also, get some quarters before you do laundry. Don't assume that your fellow campers will be able to make change for you, although I probably will if you ask me nicely.
  • don't assume I'll watch your kid at the campground pool just because I appear to be an adult who can swim. (I have enough going on, and I saw that you were just about to ask me to watch your toddler in a life vest and water wings while you went to make dinner... are you kidding me?)
  • don't let your kid dive into the shallow end of the pool. Please? I don't know this town and I have no idea how close we are to a hospital or a life-flight helicopter.
  • don't let your dog or your children run around unsupervised. There's something really creepy about a 7 year old appearing out of the black of night on a bicycle, and following you to the trash bin. ("I want my two-dollars.")

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