Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's a Machine

There is an aspect of this trip that I didn't realize would have such an impact on our family...that giant RV, and the car it tows? They are machines. Big machines with thousands of components.

Even after hearing about all of the parts that needed to be tended to, and even replaced by my in-laws on the way out (like the window shade, the water line, and the tires) I didn't really plan on anything going wrong. And so far, we've only had to re-seat one fuse to get the windshield wipers to come to a stop, but I can't help but wonder how many other quirky little things will need to be duct taped. We have a roll stored every three feet.

We hit pouring rain yesterday: but we landed safely and were able to visit with Shawn's Aunt and daughter, and her son who we haven't seen in about 14 years. He was Katie's age when we last saw him, and Shawn and I weren't even married.

When the RV is moving, Jack is fine. Katie gets a bit bored, but she was able to take a nice nap lying, buckled in across the couch.  When the RV stops Jack has been a little anxious. He wants to play outside, which is completely reasonable, but as I predicted, one of the hardest parts about this trip. If you have a "runner", RV parks can be a bit scary. There are lots of cars, of course, and often little ponds, or if the park is well-placed, it might back  up to woods, or a desert, or an ocean cliff. Keeping Jack safe is always a challenge, keeping him happy and safe even more so.

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