Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Injuries Sustained in the line of (Vacation) Duty

Shawn: daily shoulder pain from turning wheel of gigantic vehicle up long windy roads, one cut on one finger, and a stepped-on foot injured during a Jack-getting-dressed moment.

Katie: constant minor abrasions which, contrary to our understanding of medical knowlede, require immobilization: "I have a scratch on my leg, and now I will not be able to use it for a week! For real life!", also when not fed every 30-40 minutes we have been told that her stomach might explode, she may perish, and she will probably expire, unless given food, or candy, immediately.

Jen: lower back pull incurred while trying to put Jack back in his seat at the table while the RV is moving, and the toaster oven is threatening to fly off the counter and into his head. Also severe "thumb-sized" burn on right thumb from same box of death.

Jack: various bumps to the head due to jumping up excitedly from the couch/bed and not realizing that he is indeed taller than the distance from the bed to the cabinets/light fixtures above the bed. Mosquito bites the size of Rhode Island on the cheek and arms.

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